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Future world economic development - 2022 and beyond

Haha! You are crazy to think we still believe in your ridiculous inflation projection mr Central Banker.

Einstein taught us that energy is equivalent to mass, and with energy prices sky-rocketing everything that has mass, will sky rocket in price too. Like cars or food or whatever. Central bankers are just trying to defraud you with their bullshit CPI inflation figures to make their job easier (short term!), so you don't ask for a pay-raise, but prices are going up, make no misstake. (The CPI Consumer Price Index doesn't reflect inflation well, and it never has, due to the weights of different products.)

But why should you care about inflation? Well, you've been taught (maybe) that inflation can be managed like a pet. You get too much, you raise the interst rates and inflation is under control again. But I am thinking inflation this time is a different beast. It is far more potent, it is like a tiger in chains wanting to break free. How so? Why can't we crush inflation like we always have?

Well let's say for instance that if prices increase by 50% a year or more, the economy will not function properly to produce goods and foods. Because market participants will have a hard time agreeing on the price. And you know right now, energy prices are growing at a much faster rate than 50%. So supply chain interuptions (including food supplies) could be jeopordised.

Due to historically high valuation of financials assets, Central Bankers can't raise the interest rates without crashing the market, they will not do it. Inflation will run.

But we need to roll-back a bit, we need to set the context, follow my thinking on the background here.